The Noahide Academy of Jerusalem - Light Unto the Nations Global Group
makes efforts in providing guidance and create learning opportunities for everyone all over the globe.
A person who truly lives by Torah’s Universal Noahide Code is granted an eternal reward together with the Jewish people.

The expertise of our Rabbis, facilitated by modern technology, allow an efficient global communication. Our collaboration platform has established a network of more than 42,000 people on the ground, throughout the planet.
We expect to achieve universal access to Torah knowledge, personal empowerment and social stabilization within the next few months-years.

The Academy's Approach are :
To combine Torah values, academic knowledge and professional experience to achieve a valiable learning experience.
Our online courses and local Rabbis allow to apply Torah values and promote highly functional individuals, families and societies.
Torah values address major social challenges around the world.
We share Jewish millenary expertise in human and social values and how they can transform the life of sincere people.

The The Academy's 7 Pillars are:
1 To promote the concept of Unity and belief in the One G-d
2 To promote the value of higher understanding of G-d
3 To promote the value of human life
4 To promote the value of respect on economical transactions
5 To promote the value of family life
6 To promote the safeguarding of all forms of life
7 To promote the good governance based upon these universal ethical principles