How can I become a Noahide?

Considering all the spiritual gain that will be achieved by becoming a Righteous Gentile who follows the Seven Laws of Noah (the “Noahide Code”), many people are anxious to embark on this path.

But how would I get started?





Some advice on how to proceed.

Since there are two sets of Divine commandments,one for Jews and another Noahides (gentiles or non-jews), you must first know the answer to the question, “What am I?” If you are a Gentile (i.e., born to a Gentile mother, and not converted to Judaism according to traditional Torah Law), you are ready to get started.

Maybe you are asking

“What will I be getting into?” “Is this for real?” “Can I try it for a while before I make a full commitment?” If you are motivated to take the initiative and find out more about observing the Seven Laws of Noah as a Divine moral code for life, you will need to access reliable information on this subject.

We suggest that you Start

By reading our articles and watching our videos which will give you clear insights on the Noahide Commandments and their universal tradition which are to be found in the Torah of Moses. Then, enter our website, the Noahide, so you can take structured online courses on the Noahide Code. You will also find there: books, forums, contacts and much more.