Why be a Righteous Gentile?

What difference does it make what kind of a Gentile you are, and who cares?
After all, look at all the chaos in the world today. And look at all the people there are in the world.
Does it make a difference to them?
A great leader of our generation said that it does make a difference whether you are a Righteous Gentile or not. It does mean something, and someone does care. The Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, told the world that we will soon see the coming of the righteous redeemer Moshiach (the Messiah descended from King David), as promised in the book of Deuteronomy and the books of the Prophets. He urged people all over the world to prepare themselves by strengthening their observance of their Divine Commandments. For Gentiles, he said that this means strengthening their understanding and observance of the Divine Commandments from Mount Sinai that apply to them, namely the Seven Commandments that had been given to Noah for all his descendants.

With his prophetic insight, the Rebbe urgently called on all people to reconnect with G-d’s desire for the observance of the two sets of Divine Commandments, because he saw and publicized that the promised Messianic redemption of the world is coming speedily to our generation!
As foretold by the Hebrew Prophets, the Messiah will return the world to true Noahidism, which is

taught by G-d on Mount Sinai and transmitted by Moses, the Faithful Shepherd. With this call to action, Jews all over the world started examining their conduct and the way they were living their lives, motivated greatly by the dedicated hassidic emissaries who the Rebbe dispatched. For Gentiles, the Rebbe spoke out beginning more than 40 years ago to reawaken all people of the world to the Seven Laws which G-d gave to Noah and his family, and all their generations to come. The Divine rewards for observing this Noahide Code, learning its details, and encouraging its wider acceptance are an inheritance for all people, which is there to be taken. The Rebbe said that this spiritual reconnection of the world will be accomplished by Jews and Gentiles joining together along their perspective assigned paths, in a spirit of kindness, goodness and charity. Please search your heart and take these words seriously! After all, you never know whose life you may be uplifting.
By Chaim Reisner and Michael Schulman.